Full range of gastrostomy buttons designed to promote the mobility of enterally-fed patients

Buttons for Most Needs

A full range to meet adult and paediatric patient needs. With numerous references available to accompany the patient throughout their care.

A Long-term Partner

Comes with a high-resistance silicone balloon to promote maximum service life. The ergonomic shape limits friction and facilitates air circulation for patient comfort.

Ease of Use

Available as a convenient sterile kit to ease placement. Removable labels on the packaging allow for improved traceability.

Product availability may vary in your country. Please contact your Compat representative for details.
Refer to the product datasheet for specifications.

Product features


How to replace the Compat Buddy Gastrostomy Button? Check out the video to learn more.

Watch the video and discover the use and daily care of the Compat Buddy gastrostomy button.